Purchase options

Paste for Mac

We provide multiple options for purchasing Paste. No matter which option you chose, you will receive the exact same application with regular updates. The only difference is that you'll need to download Paste Helper in order to get the Direct Paste feature working if you purchase Paste on the Mac App Store.

Mac App Store

Paste for Mac is available on the Mac App Store as a one-time $14.99 purchase.

Download Paste for Mac


Setapp is a growing collection of more than 150 apps for Mac available with a single membership subscription for just $9.99/mo. You can try Paste on Setapp for free before purchasing.

Try Setapp for free and get Paste as a part of your subscription.

Paste for iOS

Paste for iOS is available only on the App Store, It is a universal app that works both on iPhone and iPad. Paste is free on iPhone with no limitations and requires a one-time $4.99 Paste Pro upgrade on iPad to enable synchronization with other devices and pinboards,

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